3 December 2016

All Winners Of Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2016

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereafter the 2016 MAMA) took place on December 2 KST at the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong.
The 2016 MAMA, presented by Hotel Combined, awards Asian musical artists and their achievements from this year. It is also a music festival with spectacular performances, unexpected collaborations, and appearances from the hottest celebrities.
Check out the full list of winners below.

Watch: The Epic Performances From The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2016 MAMA) | Soompi

The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereafter the 2016 MAMA) takes place on December 2 KST at the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. The 2016 MAMA, presented by Hotel Combined, awards Asian musical artists and their achievements from this year. It is also a music festival with spectacular performances, unexpected collaborations, and appearances from the hottest celebrities.

Hotels Combined Album of the Year: EXO

Hotels Combined Artist of the Year: BTS
Pasted image at 2016_12_03 12_22 AM

Hotels Combined Song of the Year: TWICE “Cheer Up”
Pasted image at 2016_12_03 12_17 AM

Best Dance Performance Female Group: GFRIEND
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 11_48 PM

Best Male Artist: Zico
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 11_44 PM (1)

Best Rap Performance: Cjamm, BewhY “Puzzle”

Best Collaboration: Suzy x Baekhyun “Dream”

Best Music Video: BLACKPINK “Whistle”

Best Band Performance: CNBLUE

Best Female Group: TWICE
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 10_39 PM

Best Male Group: EXO
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 10_37 PM

Best Vocal Performance Group: Davichi

Best Dance Performance Solo: Taemin “Press Your Number”

Best Vocal Performance Female Solo: Ailee
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.08.20 PM

Best Vocal Performance Male Solo: CRUSH
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 10_07 PM

World Performer: SEVENTEEN

Best Dance Performance Male Group: BTS
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 09_10 PM

Best Female Artist: Taeyeon
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 09_05 PM

Best OST: Lee Juck “Don’t Worry”
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 08_57 PM

Worldwide Favorite Artist: GOT7

*Best Asian Style Award (the celebrity with the most tweets wins this award): EXO
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 08_41 PM

Best New Male Artist: NCT 127

Best New Female Artist: I.O.I
Pasted image at 2016_12_02 08_19 PM

2016 Best Of Next Award (Female): BLACKPINK

2016 Best of Next Award (Male): Monsta X

And the winners of the Asian Artist Awards:

Best Asian Artist Thailand: Getsunova
Best Asian Artist Vietnam: Noo Phuoc Thinh
Best Asian Artist Indonesia: Isyana Sarasvati
Best Asian Artist Japan: Sekai No Owari
Best Asian Artist China: Hua Chenyu
Best Asian Artist Singapore: JJ Lin

All images and text from ; www.soompi.com

Sape tengok MAMA Semalam?? Ada kpopers ke katt sinii?? Group fav korang ada menang takk? hihi komen2 ;)
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1 December 2016

EIE : Eureka Innovation Exhibition 2016

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, I've participated myself to an innovation competition. I was quite nervous since I've no experience in it andddd it's international! fuh. Can you have example in your mind, me as a potato student and non-experience much participant will be ask some random questions by visitors or even judges with their slang! haha mati eden :3

So, we've prepared for the competition I think about 3 weeks kot entah la tak ingat. We participated as a team. form 4 included me, maliza, amni, adlina, wan afiqah and form 5 students are kak syikin, kak munawwarah, kak ke'on. and sorng lagi lupa huhhu sorrryyyy sis

So, Whats project that I brought along?

Good Question!

An Eco-Wallet!

what is it?

Well... basically a wallet. the special things about it, It fully made from recycle plastics that you throw it away.

UniKL Spanish Institute in Kulim is realllllyyy gr8! I love it! Everything was just nice u know. And the most important, they have a realllyyyy gooddd and stronggg and fast freeee internet connection!

You know what, I've only slept for 3 hours only on the first night! what did I do? Watching W-Two World LOL. hahaha. But thanksfully, I managed to be more energized and woke up early. haha. 


My partner is disclaiming our visitor from others school

Both of us. Idk why I Look super happpy lol

Our project!

All of us. We sent about 6 or 7 teams there

We won silver medals! Yay!

Although it was quite tired, but I realllyyy enjoyed it much! I want to join moreeee pls teacherrr hahaha. So, that's all I guess. Till then!

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New Look!

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, after have been awhile since I lack of design to make up my blog, finally! I have found one! haha A big thanks to akak Wana! She's really nice you know! I thought she isn't! Well, I've found some bloggers yang a lil bit tak layan yang tak reti sangat ni. If I asked them to teach pun, they just give me a link tutorial and then left me kontang kanting huhu. kalau ajar how they made that, this, probably they don't want the one similar to them T^T

But, kak wana lain wo! dia ajar satu satu. sabar je dia hahahahha sori eh kak wana kacau selalu huehue ;)

Although this blog isn't neat as others, what makes me proud much of this new look is, I made the template by myself!!!!! macam artwork sendiri ah. and It's fully responsive on mobile device also tablets you know!! :D

Well... nampaknya banyak lagi kena belajar selok belok blog. I also need to get my blog traffic back on the tracks like old haha

Feel free to drop comments below. Suggestions are welcomed!

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29 November 2016

Aman Central With Guys

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, my program today is being a helpers for today's form 1 interview (for kotak pengetua)(which means pengetua/pkhem selected) for selection be one of our community in KUPSIS. gituh ha haha

So, I doesn't have any picture for it because I forgot that I also bring along the camera. LOL. So, I went there by car pooling with Thaqif. Thank you, gila -.- and sorry for the kecelaruan maklumat dan ketidaktetapan dengan kenyataan (apa punya bahasa susah sangat hang guna ni), means tak tetap pendirian sangat eh? haha

but we both managed to be in school in 8.10 am. late 10 minutes but its okay. I'm not registered for the prog actually. Lol. saja pergi menempek. So, I be pengawas peperiksaan for about 30 minutes only.. I must said, the soalan bahagian umum quite challenging. Like, "Pasukan bola sepak manakah paling kaya?" "Matawang negara Rusia (kot) ialah" and a few. Like, aku ni dah la tak tengok bola sangat. pemain kedah pun kenal sorang dua je. nama je la kenal. muka tak sangat haha. ni, pasukan luar. hahahahah memang hentam la jawabnya kan huehue.

So after that hantar diorang interview dengan Principle, PK KOKO, PKK and a few la. each person get 15 minutes to interview. Fuh lama sungguh. Qihah dulu interview kejap je. Maybe sebab dulu ambilan temuduga 100 lebih. so lama ah.

After habis interview, the last stage is kecergasan la kan. huhuhu.

Pastu Naik van, gi aman dan nah tengok gamba la. malas  taip suda hahah --'

anyway. when we reached Aman, I quickly went to the ATM to withdraw some cash, since I have only RM1 in my dompet! SADLY, the bsn card only accept at bsn ATM -____- IMMA SAD GURL HUHHHUHU. naseb baik ada zaom, tolong pinjamkan uang.

ni la pemimpin bertaraf dunia

follow their IG : @naufalsobri , @zaimshahidan , @_hdzrn , @thaqiffaiman7119 @arasy_haiqal @frs_hkmi 

(as long as they didnt change theirs)

yang melucukan hari saya di KUPSIS
dari kiri : araso, zaom, po, yun

bila sorang bergambar, pasti ada yang menempek, dan lepas tu bergambar je keje

with judun

till then.

Anything to recommend?
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8 November 2016

Asean Leadership English Summer Camp 2016

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, this is a throwback memories and stories. I think it is quite interesting to share with you guys. The event was held early in this year. I've been selected to be a facilitator eventho I'm not from English Language Society. huhuhu. I've been joined this international event since I was in form 2. hehe

a potato facilitator

Me with super-friendly-humble-sporting teacher ever.

Chatting in English. the foreign student currently chatting with our english teacher, Madam Saliza 

Last night they were here. With my group <3


The teacher from theirs

Right after the registration

Ice breaking session

Senamrobik stuff in not so early morning

wuu explorace!

chill guys, I'm just ask her to find chocolates in flour only hehe

oh come to the end

Malam kebudayaan

So, It's already comes to the end. Till we meet again! Best jugak la. Dpat belajar dari diorang, dapat mengajar diorang jugak. add some intenational friends. huhu. rindu seyh. act ada vid yng nak tunjuk, tapi error ja dari tadi :/ so bye!


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31 October 2016

Loooonggg timeeee no seeee, bloglovelies!

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera. :)

So, a warm hello to you, who currently reading this post. I'm very sorry for let my blog in miserable way, didn't post any entry, just gone like that. I don't know.. Maybe I was too lazy to type, or didn't have any ideas on what I should share with you, or didn't have time with blogger. huhuuh the third reason quite goyah hahaha. why? everyone have 24 hours per day and, they managed to do many task within the hours! why not me? so maybe I'm lazy or don't have any ideas hehe

The latest activity I joined. Perkhemahan Unit Uniform SMSKP 2016.
So, this year, I've joined so many activities, programs and competition along 2016.. InshaAllah (i dont promise you), I'll update some of them. yay! I feel quite excited to share with you guys, how I survived in SBP.

Honestly, I didn't even dream to stay in KUPSIS (Kubang Pasu Science School)(SM Sains Kubang Pasu) until today, and still counting days. NEVER. Yes, I also have thought to leave the school and join SMK or SM Teknik. I don't know... I feel like "susah la duk sini" "semua duk sini pandai pandai" "boleh ke aku ni" "semua orang macam tak suka kat aku je sini" "peluang aku macam lagi cerah je kat luar sana" and many more! including, HOMESICK hahahahahah. k k

So, inshaAllah. I'll slowly start blogging back.. furthermore, I already forget some of the codes on designing blog and lost my creativity hahahah how can?

So, welcome back, dearself. Enjoy.
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